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As a real railway professor, I naturally have also a railway at home ;-) However, my specific kind of railway modelling is quite out of the usual mainstream.

I built several small layouts (most of them rather micro layouts) and dioramas in TT scale (1:120). The operational layouts are equipped with analog controls. I do not plan to change this. Railway modelling is one of the few remaining analog nishes in my quite digitalised life.

Visit also my Blog at Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Interview on my 'virtual railway worlds' in the Online Magazine of TU Braunschweig (in German)

My TT Scale Layouts and Dioramas

TT scale US layout
TT scale US boxfile layout

Limestone plant diorama

Exhibition diorama
Temporary dioramas
Berlin diorama

Scale Modelling Art Projects

Art inspiration and collaboration with artists

My former TT Scale Layouts

TT scale layouts "Eibenstock", "Braunesumpf", and "Drei Annen Hohne"

Model railway related publications

Photo publications

Model railway links

Model Railroad Hobbyist
TT nut
Lance Mindheim
Micro Layouts for Model Railroads
Shunting Layouts

Link to the Havelland group of the Model Railway Club Oranienburg. In the early 1980s I built some structures for the HO club layout "Falkenhagener Kreuz". This layout still exists and is sometimes shown at exhibitions.

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