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In many forums, there are discussions whether or not railway modelling may be considered a kind of art. Here, I present a few projects that are directly related with art. They were either inpired by the work of artists, inspired artists in their work, or are the result of a collaboration between artists and modellers.

Freight train passing Freight train passing
This picture shows a temporary diorama arrangement for which I collaborated with virtual reality artist Anthemios who is well-known for his stunning in-game screenshots. For the model scene in the foreground, I kitbashed the interlocking tower from an Auhagen kit of a German prototype tower. For the background picture, I used a cutout from a screenshot provided by Anthemios. Here is a link to the original picture, which is from a Beta version of Tom Clancy's 'The Division'.
Mad Max on rails Mad Max on rails
This is another piece of collaboration with virtual reality artist Anthemios. The foreground is a heavily rendered photo of a model scene. For the background picture, I used a screenshot Anthemios took from the video game 'Mad Max'.
Leaving the city Leaving the city
For the background of this picture, I also used a screenshot from Anthemios, in this case of the computer game "Fallout 4".
End of the line End of the line
This photo, which I took on one of my TT scale dioramas, was inspired by the painting 'The last station' by Polish artist Filip Dudek. That painting shows a dystopian near-future fantasy scene. While the diesel locomotive in Dudek's painting resembles a Russian 2ТЭ10, I used an M62, which also fits into the scene. For the dystopian look, I applied a Clyde filter.
B&W close-up 2 Critter behind fence
The photo on the left is a close-up of a scene on my TT scale boxfile diorama. It inpired Russian dieselpunk artist Inago to create the piece of art shown here, see also model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/24357

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